Non-contact Infrared Veterinary Thermometer

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With high precision and fast speed, this non-contact thermometer will save you from struggling with your naughty pets! Help you a lot with maintaining your little pets' health.


- Accurate & Fast: Constructed with premium high sensitive sensor, takes only 0.5s to get an accurate testing result. No more struggling with your naughty pets, a great alternative to oral or rectal mercury thermometer.
- Non Contact Testing: The testing can be done in 2~5.9 inches distance(2'' is recommended), infrared help you find accurate testing spot, therefor do not need to disturb your furry friends when getting accurate reading.
- Large Memory & Auto Turn Off: The Thermometer can store recent 32 testing data for recording temps' change. When you finished, it will power off automatically without any operation in 10s.
- Four Display Modes: surface temperature(), body temperature(), surface temperature(), or body temperature(). Easy to switch.
- Back Light Screen: Constructed with LED screen, make it much more convenient to read animals' temperature even in the dark. Of course, you can also turn the back light off for your preference.
- Multi Application: Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep, cows and more.

Color: White
Material: ABS
Precision: 0.10.1